WELS & the Military

A commitment to serve

We hope that you will find WELS Europe to be your “spiritual home away from home.”

Although WELS does not participate in the U.S. military chaplaincy, our church body has a long commitment to serving military members directly through civilian chaplains to the military. The Department of Defense recognizes WELS as a Distinctive Religious Group. Because of our fellowship principles and close communion practices WELS military members require religious accommodation, a recognized right of those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Through the office of the WELS National Chaplain and Liaison to the Military, we maintain relations with the head chaplains office of each military branch, ensuring that the concerns of our denomination are heard.

Our Mission: To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces and with civilians who live far away from their home congregations.

Military service brings unique challenges, no matter where you serve. WELS Military Services exists to equip our military members for the spiritual challenges, questions and struggles that can arise during military service. We urge all WELS military members to register with this ministry at our Online Referral page wels.net/refer. Military members who register can request a free Christian Service Members’ Handbook (also available for purchase through Northwestern Publishing House Christian Service Members’ Handbook (nph.net) We produce weekly military devotions, sent out by e-mail, which anyone can request at wels.net/subscribe.

WELS ministry to the military provides many useful resources including guidance on obtaining religious accommodation, sharing your faith in the military, and staying close to God’s Word while deployed. Find out more on WELS website wels.net/military – be sure and search using the Get Resources feature.

WELS Military Services also serves WELS civilians living in Europe through WELS Europe’s civilian chaplaincy. Donations to WELS Military Services support the WELS Europe ministry. Please pray for this work and consider donating to WELS Military Services to continue our ministry in Europe and worldwide, wherever WELS military members are stationed.

WELS Europe is here to serve you with God’s Word. Contact the civilian chaplain through the Online Referral, or through the Contact Us form on this website.